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Welcome to the portal for the Social Studies family history project by grade 8 of the International School Hilversum! This project was inspired by the BBC series “Who do you think you are?” and aimed to let students acquire vital skills in historical research while uncovering the story of their own identity. Based on a variety of sources, which include primary and secondary, oral, visual and written, the students were asked to reconstruct their family background, create a family tree and tell the story of remarkable relatives. The students have presented the outcome of their investigations on their own website, which are accessible through the class pages listed in the menu at the top of this portal site. Please have a look around and find out what stories they have to share with you. We hope you enjoy reading them and thank you for your time!

Whose ancestor wrote the national anthem of the Philippines?

Whose ancestor had General Patton driving through their backyard in a tank?

Which students in grade 8 are related to another, but never knew?

Find out this and more on the class pages of “Who do you think you are?” 2011. An ISH Grade 8 SST project on family history!